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Stop by and grab one of our Get Out & Explore stickers to participate in our Get Out & Explore with BTA contest! This contest starts May 13th and runs through the month of August, 2022. Simply put our sticker (or just take it with you!) on your vehicle and snap a photo while you’re on vacation.

This could be a quick day trip or a full blown vacation in the mountains, from the caves or at the coast;

Thank You in Medford Mail Tribune: Undercover Truck Operation

By Paul Fattig

Thank You

Home on leave, a Guardsman discovers his prized pickup restored by community members showing their appreciation.

When Oregon Army National Guard Spec. Chris Robertson arrived at the Medford airport from Iraq just before midnight Friday night, he was greeted with hugs by his parents and girlfriend. After helping him grab his luggage, Paul Robertson told his citizen-soldier son — who is home on leave — that they had to swing by Bob Thomas Automotive in Medford so they could pick up his four-wheel-drive 1977 Ford F-150 truck.

Best Auto Shop, in Medford Mail Tribune

Reader’s Choice Award 2nd Year in a Row!

Best Auto Service

Bob Thomas Automotive

For everything from oil changes to repair and diagnostic services, readers chose Bob Thomas Automotive as Best Auto Service two years’ running. The company’s motto, “We care about your repair,” has been the focus since it opened 12 years ago in Medford, said manager Tom Whelan. The company’s namesake struck out on his own after years in the automotive industry and opened the Rossanley location in 1997.

Best Auto Shop, in Medford Mail Tribune

First Place in First Year Making Finalists

Best Auto Service

Bob Thomas Automotive

In its first year making the Readers’ Choice finalists, Bob Thomas Automotive headed straight to the top. The Medford shop has been serving customers for 11 years. “We’ve never been on the list and we’ve tried really hard. This is our first time and we got first place, so I’m ecstatic,” said owner Bob Thomas of the recognition.

Car Repair by Computer in Medford Mail Tribune, 1999

Car Repair by Computer

Medford Mail Tribune, 1999

by Mark Freeman
Mechanics such as Bob Thomas have toolboxes that resemble something more like you’d see on “The Jetsons” than on “Dukes of Hazzard” reruns. Lab scopes, laser scan tools and other computer diagnostic equipment are used to ferret out engine trouble by comparing mathematical readings with charts of numbers in auto-repair manuals.

“It’s not black tape and bailing wire any more,”